We offer a wide range of mixes of high quality materials that are tested and graded, meeting high spec standards.  Mix designs ranging from flowable fill on up from 3,000 psi to ultra high strength mixes.  Our fleet of new 6 wheel drive front-discharging concrete trucks will save your finishing crew time, because our experienced drivers operate the concrete chute.  

And although we're prepared for commercial pours, we also offer smaller loads.

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Concrete – an amazing, multipurpose, and cost-effective building material. 

It is a multipurpose substance providing unmatched durability in terms of compressive strength and resistance to weather extremes.  It can be used to build home foundations, floors, walls, driveways, roadways, bridges, dams, buildings and so much more.

Concrete provides a wealth of benefits to commercial and housing construction

  • Self-compacting concrete improves strength and durability, while reducing energy use because of its ability to minimize temperature fluctuations over the course of the day. It also provides a natural noise barrier.
  • In residential applications, Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) construction delivers several benefits over traditional wood frame housing by providing greater resistance to fire, wind and termite damage, in addition to increased insulating capabilities and decreased energy usage.

Concrete and sustainability

Strength and long-term stability, fire resistance, impermeability to weather and insect damage, and energy savings makes our concrete just a few of the sustainable benefits provided by Crown Concrete.

Strength - Of Product and Company

Concrete is an amazing, multipurpose, and cost-effective building material.  It can be molded or formed into any shape when newly mixed, resulting in a strong and lasting product when hardened.  Concrete is ideal for any building project, from homes and schools to skyscrapers and super highways.  We offer excellent ready-mixed concrete quality control to ensure your ready-mixed concrete is delivered to order.

Service - Our Top Priority

Our ready-mixed concrete plant and fleet of concrete trucks service all of Arkansas. We allow for timely dispatch and delivery of concrete tailored to your strict specifications. Our ready-mixed concrete can be customized with additives to accommodate pours in less than desirable weather (very hot or very cold) or transportation times.

Design - It's What We Do

Ready-mixed concrete is produced from a mixture of cement, additives, water, aggregates and air. Aggregates, which account for 60% - 75% of the concrete's volume, are usually sand and various sizes of rocks. Additives manipulate and control the finishing of the concrete to improve the hardening and durability  or reduce its water content and setting time, or even to control its mixing time before delivery to the site. Ready-mixed concrete almost always contains one or more materials such as fly ash, or recycled aggregate that can qualify it for Recycled Content Credit and LEED Credit.


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